print("Hello World")

Hello and welcome.

My name is Christian, and this is the obligatory introductory post to set the stage for my Blog.

So what is this all about?

I want to use this Blog as a platform for sharing my thoughts on IT, Software Development, IT Administration, IT Security, IT Automation, DevOps and Technology in general.

So only work related Stuff?, or is there anything else to be expected?

I am in the very lucky Position that I made my passion into an earning so this Blog actually is all about my biggest Hobby, but I might also write about my other leisure activities like Photography, Music, Cooking, Board/Computer Games. We will see :)

And who are you again?

My name is Christian, and I am living in Germany.
My professional specialization is in Linux, System Administration, Automation, Network and Security, but my secret passion is Software Development and especially Python.